Tezos DeFi

The Growing Tezos DeFi Ecosystem Tezos DeFi Featured Projects hDao hDao is the FA2 token for hic et nunc, a decentralized application for NFTs on Tezos. These NFTs can be minted and traded at hicetnunc.xyz. hDao QSwap Pair sDao sDao is the FA2 token for Salsadao, a yield farming and casino DeFi project exclusively on… Continue reading Tezos DeFi

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Using Tezos with Kukai

The Tezos Kukai wallet (https://kukai.app) is a convenient wallet that allows you to interact with any Reddit, Twitter, or Gmail account using an authentication feature through DirectAuth. In doing so, anyone can receive Tezos (XTZ / tez) in just one minute at low transaction costs. The guide below shows you how to send 1 XTZ… Continue reading Using Tezos with Kukai

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