Using Tezos with Kukai

The Tezos Kukai wallet ( is a convenient wallet that allows you to interact with any Reddit, Twitter, or Gmail account using an authentication feature through DirectAuth. In doing so, anyone can receive Tezos (XTZ / tez) in just one minute at low transaction costs. The guide below shows you how to send 1 XTZ to a Twitter user.

Step 1: Navigate to Kukai’s website in your browser (

Select “DirectAuth” to login with your Google, Twitter, or Reddit account. Kukai is also useful for your other Tezos accounts using seed words or Ledger, but in this use case we wish to showcase DirectAuth.

Step 2: Authorize Kukai to access your account

First, select which account you wish to use. In our example, we use Twitter and select the logo. If you are not yet logged in, you will receive a login prompt. Feel free to use this prompt or login directly on the website of the service. Once you see the window below, select “Authorize app”.

You will be redirected back to the Kukai page and your wallet is ready to use with your username or email address!

Step 3: Send and receive Tezos using your Kukai wallet

Your wallet may have 0 Tezos in it once you login. If you have another Tezos account, you can now send Tezos to your Kukai wallet address. Also, you can create Tezos content and potentially be rewarded with a small amount of Tezos. All you have to do is provide your Kukai address (e.g., your Reddit account name, your @twitter account, or your Gmail address) to the sender!

To send Tezos, select the blue “Send” button on the Kukai wallet and then enter the amount & username wish to send to. The example below sends 0.5 Tezos to @FullTezos on Twitter. Select “Preview” to confirm the information is correct.

Then select “Confirm” to authorize the transaction.

The next screen you see is the Kukai Recent Activity page. Within about a minute, Kukai will show your transaction as confirmed. Congratulations – your Tezos transaction is complete!